What to Expect

The decision to pursue psychotherapy or coaching is an important and personal one. I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consult to help you decide if my services will meet your needs. This consultation appointment is an opportunity for me to learn about you, your concerns and your goals, and it's also a time for you to evaluate me as a therapist and coach and to see if I will be a good fit for you.

After our initial consultation appointment, a regular 50-minute session will be scheduled and/or a referral will be made depending on your needs. Our first regular session together is often dictated by the severity of your concerns and issues. Most often, I will encourage you to jump right in and start discussing what is most bothersome in your present situation. In addition to addressing your concerns, if applicable, we will often gather historical and Sign post of questions and answers familial information to develop a better understanding of your mental health needs and to develop a plan that fits your desires.

I will ask that you complete and bring the assessment form (PDF) to our first regular session. If you don't have the opportunity or cannot complete the assessment form, we will take time during our first full session to complete this information. However, it will be helpful and serve you best to complete the form in advance. Please also review and bring a copy of my disclosure statement (PDF) to our initial intake session. I will also provide you with a copy if you need one.

I typically encourage weekly counseling sessions initially to ensure that we are meeting your immediate needs and progressing toward your desired goals. Together we will continually evaluate how the therapeutic process is working for you, if you need additional services such as medication therapy, and how our client/therapist relationship is working for you.