Therapeutic Approaches

I view therapy as a deeply personal and individual experience. I will adjust my therapeutic approach to best suit your style of learning and the ways in which you think, feel and behave. I often borrow tools from many different therapeutic approaches to ensure I find the best approach for you, yet I also believe that we all have certain commonalities.

Jigsaw puzzle

Our lives are packed with overwhelming responsibilities and demands, which can lead to uncertainties about our futures and with difficult present-day choices. Unfortunately, many times throughout our lives we may face devastating losses, sadness, pain and feelings of loneliness. Gently facing these issues and exploring our emotions and feelings around them can help us to begin healing and move toward acceptance – as difficult as it may be.

We also too often unconsciously incorporate faulty, irrational or outdated thinking that can distort and negatively impact our adult lives. We hear that inner voice that constantly doubts or belittles us or tells us that we are not worthy. By exploring our old ways of thinking, we can learn new and more productive ways to help us to cope with our problems and to find more emotional and behavioral balance. Learning more constructive and productive language can help us to shape the future that we desire and to awaken to the knowledge that we are all positive and good in nature.

Each one of us has the ability to become fully aware and functioning if we begin to trust ourselves, increase our personal awareness and look inward to find the answers.