Goals of Therapy

I can help you define, sort-out, prioritize and develop your goals; however, therapeutic goals are ultimately determined and driven by you. Unlike many other relationships and friendships, our time together is about you and the focus will be kept on you. The sessions will be driven Compass directions by the topics that you feel are of most importance to you. I will help facilitate and direct the sessions through questioning and exploration, but ultimately it will be up to you decide what areas of your life that you would like to work on, change, accept or explore more deeply. I will help you do this by encouraging honesty, transparency, self-acceptance, commitment and engagement in your therapeutic work. At times you may not know what to say or talk about; these can be the most rewarding and enriching sessions. It is during these times that we can learn more about your inner self by allowing your unconscious, unplanned and nondirective thoughts and feelings to come out. Remember, there is no right or wrong topic in therapy.

Whatever your goals, together we will create a safe, open and trustworthy environment conducive to you exploring the aspects of your life that may be "blocked" due to fear, learned behaviors, emotional trauma or ambivalence. It is my professional goal that you can become more self-aware; self-assured and accepting; adaptable and balanced; and, most importantly, at peace.