About Me

Ryan Lewis I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice. As a Psychotherapist and Transformative Coach, I assist others with setting and reaching their goals and becoming more self-reliant and self-aware. I also offer an objective and different perspective to challenging and stress-filled situations while providing you an opportunity to collectively strategize on how to improve the overall quality and functioning of your life.

In my practice, I work with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, belief systems and sexual orientation and identities. I offer services and support to individuals, couples (both traditional and same-sex) and families. I also facilitate therapeutic process-oriented and psycho-educational groups intermittently.

My counseling training and experience includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment of individuals, couples, families and groups. I received my Master's degree (M.A.) in Mental Health Counseling from Seattle University View from Smith Tower office and my Bachelor's degree (B.A.) from the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Brighton, England. My internship concluded at Sound Mental Health - one of the largest community mental health agencies in the Puget Sound region. As a counselor at the community mental health level, I worked with individuals, couples and families from ages 6 to 75. I have also worked as a therapist in the post-secondary / college setting.

On a more personal level, my own experiences with both individual and couples counseling helped to shape my belief in psychotherapy and the promising and rich results it can offer. Psychotherapy assisted me in recognizing my long-term goal of starting a private practice after a successful career in publishing and after having worked as a therapist in both the community mental health and post-secondary settings. For more than ten years, I worked in the fast-paced and often stressful publishing industry as the Director of Operations for a small sports publication. Through my own counseling, I learned to manage stress more effectively, to set healthier boundaries, and to embrace my strengths as an objective listener and compassionate and pragmatic problem-solver.

Office in Smith Tower

Having long been interested in how we cope with our unique circumstances and empathetic toward the struggles and challenges that life can and often brings, private practice became a natural fit for me.

I am an active member in good standings with the American Mental Health Counselors Association, American Counseling Association, Seattle Counselors Association and Washington Mental Health Counselors Association.

My clinical areas of interest include: Life Coaching, mood and anxiety disorders, phase-of-life issues, relational and social conflicts, personality issues, adjustment disorders, codependency, loss unresolved, sexual orientation and sexual identity issues, acculturation problems and impulse-control issues.

For more information regarding my clinical experience and interests, please see my services page.